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Why to live someone else’s life when ours is so beautiful?

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The Girl Who Leaped Through Time

Shumila Malik

Hira Saeed, smiling into the camera, happy at winning some competition at her university Hira Saeed, happy at winning a competition at her university.

I remember the first time I came across her Facebook Id. I had stared at her details wide-eyed in astonishment.

Hira Saeed was cheerful, talkative and full of life. At 14, she was already ahead of time and possessed a vision, a healthy confidence and a little spark of madness!

Being a bright student, studies were her top priority! Her immaculate results were a witness to her determination and hard work. But her focus towards studies did not stop her from enjoying life. She had a huge social circle. She was always bubbling with enthusiasm. I actually remember seeing her twice or thrice with my cousin. She was a chatterbox. I remember her beaming face and infectious laughter!

Hira Saeed was a girl who belonged to a mediocre background, and for the first thirteen or fourteen years of her life, she…

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Nominated for the Liebster Award! :)

Interestingly, the world we know today is very much dominated by the internet. Sharing of information, thoughts and various cultural or religious beliefs has never been easier. This fact motivates me to blog. Blogging is my passion. It helps my word to get around to every possible corner of the globe.

First of all, I would like to thank my Gracious Lord for all I have and then all of my lovely fellow bloggers for the immense love and support, especially https://pakistaniloveblog.wordpress.com Ms. Emaan Sohail for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I am so grateful to you, lady. 🙂

Liebster-Award-Logo The Answers to your Questions:

1) Why were you attracted towards blogging in the first place?

Well, the present state of affairs of our earth especially my country Pakistan, forced me to start blogging. The era in which we live is completely digital. Hence, internet is the best way to communicate your message of peace and change not only through out Pakistan, but also the world. Seeing the plight of my nation, my heart bleeds. Blogging might just be the beginning, but it gives me the inner satisfaction that I am, at least, doing something for my country.

2) What are your hobbies besides blogging?

Sleeping? Lol, yes it is one of my hobbies but it comes somewhere in the middle of my endless list of hobbies. At the top of my list is reading books. Self help books to be exact, especially Robin Sharma. Excellent books, I must say. And of course, reading a book early in the morning at Starbucks right next to the beautiful calm beaches of Abu Dhabi is definitely a priceless moment 🙂

3) What’s your favourite book?

This is such an evil question. Haha, kidding! I love so many books. But yes, Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ is one of my favourites.

4) How has your experience on WordPress been so far?

It has been an exhilarating roller coaster ride. I got to know so many lovely people with loads of wonderful thoughts. It is a very beautiful feeling to get to know people from all aspects and walks of life. I love WordPress ❤

5) A happy memory you would like to share?

The moment when I hit 155,111 views on my blog in a single day. That day, my Parents were so proud of me. It was an amazing moment. I wish I could relive that moment… 🙂

6) What is your primary job?

I am a student. But I have been working as a temporary Host in various mega events like the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi Art Fair.

7) What is the most memorable place you have ever visited?

Okay. So it was a place I went with a couple of my friends. It’s a place at the far end of the city where you can see the Arabian Sea from the top of a cliff. It was an incredible place!

8) What is an important goal you hope to achieve?

Primary goal is to try and do everything I could to keep my family especially my parents smiling. I can never repay them for their love but it’s worth a try. Secondary goal is to become a person of value and be a motivation to others. I shall die in peace the day when I make a positive difference in the world through my identity.

9) Do you have any pets?

Nopes. But I’d love to have one. I’ll have it added it in my goals list! 😛

10) Describe school life in three words.

A beautiful journey.

11) What’s the last movie you’ve seen?

I was watching Lucy last night.

My Nominations:

The Questions:

1) What is the prime objective of your blog?

2) What genre do you write?

3) Who or what is your motivation?

4) How and when did you start writing/blogging?

5) What is your priceless moment?

6) You are given a chance to change one thing in the world. What would that be and why?

7) A piece of advice you would like to share?

8) What is your biggest fear?

9) Your best procrastination tool?

10) If you were stranded on an island, who would you like to accompany you? Why?

11) What do you find beautiful or admire in your life?

The Rules:

1.Thank the person who gave you the Liebster Award nomination and link their blog to your post.
2. Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
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Congratulations and Good Luck, fellas! Once again Thank you for nominating me, ever grateful! 🙂


Syed M Ammar

The reply of a Mother to the letter of 8 year old Bilal

Orignally Written by: Hunniya Waseem


Dear Bilal Khan,

I read your letter somewhere yesterday. My dear child,

Since yesterday I have not stopped crying. Yes! I have tried to get through my day, doing my chores, cooking, washing, cleaning, paying bills but not for a moment have I been able to put the tragedy of today aside. It is because Bilal, darling, its true adults do cry too, we also gets our hearts broken, we get hurt and then we cry bucket loads. And the 16th was one of the most tragic days in the history of our country and every adult I know has been crying , because our hearts have been broken beyond repair. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief and anguish your mother must be feeling right now. Will she ever recover from the trauma of losing you? Your clothes, your books, your toys which will even now be scattered in her living room and will probably remain like that for days as she will wait and wait , looking at the gate , hoping that by some miracle you will appear. She will be yearning to kiss you again, to hold your body against her in a hug, to never ever let you go away from her sight again, today is the first day of the rest of her life which she will  only spend in your memory, in a shell of a body whose heart has been plucked away prematurely. They say that if your child dies, you bury him in your heart and he only dies the day you die.

I first found out about the attack this yesterday as I checked my facebook while still in bed. I was still bleary eyed when I read the first post, and then it got worse and worse, waves of shock and terror followed each other.

I have read that you were herded along with your class fellows in the auditorium and then the attackers asked ,“ Who amongst you are the children of army men?”, and none of you even thought of lying. Proud to be the son of a solider you stepped forward and said “ I am, my father is a major in the army.” and that was the last thing you ever said, he killed you then with a single bullet in your head. And that is why I am crying so much today Bilal, because long, long ago, I was a little girl studying in the same school, wearing the same uniform and also the daughter of an army officer. The only difference is that I was born in a different time, two decades before you but in a totally different era. I still remember the excitement of getting into an army truck which used to pick us up from our neat house in the cantonment. The crisp chill of a winter morning and the way our mothers would bundle us up warmly on countless bygone December mornings. The pride we took in our white uniforms, green blazers and polished black shoes: today I saw children injured and dead in that same uniform, nay murdered in their uniforms, in their classes .It must have been the end of the school term and the vacation would just be a few days away and you must have  been  so excited thinking about your coming holidays. They were good schools, these Army Public schools and Colleges, they have made me what I am today.

You must be thinking that adults always have solutions and answers and perhaps I will have an idea what happened yesterday and why it happened. But dear Bilal, we are all baffled , confused today, our core values shattered, we stand more bug-eyed than our children. The only thing I can say that something is very rotten in the state of Pakistan, something has gone very wrong in our country but how to fix it, I don’t have a single idea. That things can go so wrong, so quickly, we as a nation never predicted it. It was only 16 years back in 1999 when I was freely roaming the bazaars of Peshawar, trying out woollen caps and traditional jewellery. However, 10 years later when I was invited to go to Lady Reading Hospital in 2009 (the same hospital in which you were pronounced dead) to visit their emergency department and suggest design changes, my mother threw a proper tantrum that it was too unsafe. In only ten years, Peshawar had turned into a violent city of bombings and terrorist attacks which was not safe to step in. I naively asked my dad , if a military vehicle or escort will be safer and he laughed gruffly, “ You will never come back alive if you go into a military vehicle “. I made other arrangements but the trip never happened due to other reasons.

I had started studying terrorism and the medical response to terrorist attacks for my masters degree by the time. I remember , the horror with which I analysed the data from the Parade Lane bombing and the name of people whom I had known in  better times I had known appeared again and again. I tired counting the total number of civilians who were killed, the pattern of targeted locations and nothing ever made sense.  I submitted my thesis  and armed with a master in Disaster Medicine I made every effort to get involved in the disaster and emergency response in Pakistan but no venue ever materialized.  I was met with nepotism, incompetence and a complete denial whichever way I turned.

And then , something else happened, I became a mother myself and that changed me, for you see Bilal, not every mother is as brave as yours. It is indeed a brave woman who follows her husband into a war torn city like Peshawar, it’s a brave wife who sends her husband to fight in Operation Zarb-e-Azab every day and it was a very brave mother who send you to school that morning. I lost my nerve when I got pregnant. My years of dealing with bomb blasts, terrorist attacks, gun shots as an emergency physician and then writing up my thesis for my masters left me in no doubt of what we were dealing with.  The day I felt my son’s first kick in my belly was the same day, a seven year old boy was killed along with his mother in a suicide attack on a policeman’s house in Karachi. I had lived near that house just a year back. I then decided that I will take my child away. I am very sorry and very guilty but I could not live there any more. I know it’s our belief that whatever is written will happen and I still believe it, but I also believed that we had turned into a nation of monsters, selfish, short-sighted, trigger happy people who failed to see the actual problems. When I was your age, Bilal, we did not know the difference between shias and sunnis, we were never told to dislike ahmadis or call them non-muslims and to be honest to this day I am not sure what’s the difference between Deobandis and Barelvis. We are now so happy calling each other kafirs or non-muslims, that we have stopped being muslims ourselves, nay we have become inhuman ourselves and that is why beasts are coming and killing us and our children. It was not always like that, when I was your age , we were all Pakistanis and we were all muslims and we all thought we would live happily ever after. Who knows who the the first stone ? Who knows who created Taliban ?  There are no answers, just a lot of soul-searching questions.

Sorry Bilal ! I have tried to save my child by fleeing but not everyone can leave. I got tired and I left. I got tired of false promises of men, yes even men with big guns who promised to protect us and failed again and again. I got tired of people never issuing fatwas against Taliban and openly condemning them for their acts. I got tired of sitting in meetings in which “ no lessons were ever learnt”, where no operational debrief could ever take place because everyone was so busy lauding themselves and their agencies that they lost insight of what happened. I got tired of ambulance crews fighting with each other and ambulances of different agencies openly threatening each other. I got tired of what Pakistan and Pakistanis had become.

  And even though I have left, I still sit abroad and cry for what has become of my country. For you see, I carry Pakistan in my heart today, a very special part of my heart and I like to remember Pakistan as it was in my idyllic childhood. A green , green land with fruit trees, rushing streams, flowing rivers and stark mountains, the land which is now tainted in blood.

I cry today because dear Bilal, my generation has failed yours, we could not even give our children a childhood. And therefore, we will keep on crying till eternity. We lost our tomorrow for our today and therefore we must cry.

Love and Prayers for all the children and parents of Peshawar

Mother of Sher Khan.

Peshawar attack 16 dec

A cover photo of a student, found on facebook, who got killed in the terrible school attack.

Peshawar Attack: A Letter from 8-year old Bilal to his Mother


It was a bright and a very beautiful morning in the city of Peshawar. The mid-december brought with it really cold weather. The usual morning rush hour had started. Little kids carrying school bags which were bigger and heavier than themselves were coming out of their houses. They looked funny but cute. All the kids were wearing those warm woollen hats, gloves and warm jackets.  Some were waiting for their vans alongside their parents and crying too. The mothers were , as always, persuading their kids to go to school. Their usual comforting line would be,” Beta, it’s gonna be fun, you’ll enjoy with your friends at your school, and while returning I shall prepare for you a delicious meal.” Some kids were comforted by this, while others were not. Everything seemed completely calm. The Warsak Street was filled with little and big feets making there way to their school, the ill-fated Army Public School. The kids were happily socializing and making plans for the soon-to-happen event which was supposed to be held at their school’s auditorium. Amongst the crowd was a young female, dragging her 8 year old son who did not want to go to school at all. Her mother approached the gate with her screaming little boy. He was wearing a green blazer, green pants along with a cute tie on the white shirt underneath his fine coat. His hairs were quite messy. Still yelling. His mother told him that he needs to be a good boy and go to school so that he can become an educated doctor and save lots of lives. Well, this comforted him… a bit. She bade him farewell and watched him disappear into the thick crowd of 500 students into his well-guarded school. Little did she know, this was the last time she saw her only son alive….

Assalam-u-walikum Ammi,

By now you must have heard the news of me getting killed in the attack at our school. I know Ammi, you are crying a lot and so is Papa. I can see everything from up here. Please don’t cry. I cannot see you both cry. It hurts me. I can see you both wailing and shaking my body violently and pleading me to come back. Ammi, stay strong please. Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want to go to school today?

The function in the auditorium was going quite good. I was seated right in the middle from where I could see the stage clearly. Everything was calm and pleasant when suddenly a couple of Army men entered into the dimly lit auditorium. I thought they were here to watch the show, but they were all armed. They did not wear masks. Ammi, they looked very scary! And all of a sudden one of them shot down our Chief guest. We all screamed. And then they started firing on us. Many of my school-mates were hurt, some of them died on the spot. We started running here and there desperately searching for an escape. Ammi, I couldn’t find an escape route, I was so small. My friends from higher classes blocked my view. All I could hear were gunshots that almost made me deaf. I felt scared. I was lonely. I needed you Ammi. Where were you? I wanted to hide in your arms…

I also cried a lot and I was frantically shouting out to you and Papa, but I wasn’t sure if you were hearing me. Were you hearing me Ammi Jan? Didn’t Papa hear too? You used to say that you were always with me. Then where were you today? By then, my school’s auditorium was in complete chaos. Ammi! There was blood everywhere. I ran for the door and tripped over my English teacher’s body. I saw her, she was lying down in a pool of blood. I tried to wake her up too, Ammi. She did not respond. I knew something was terribly wrong. They even burned one of our teachers in front of us and forced us too see her die. She was a very good teacher. Why did they burn her? Why were these uncles killing us? I ran out of the auditorium and towards the sports field. I knew I could escape.

But as soon as I reached for the field there was another Army uncle who was in the field firing at us. He saw me too. I ran back inside but it was too late. Ammi, he fired me straight into my chest, twice. It started paining Ammi, my blood started to pour out and I fell down. The big monstrous man came over to me, stepped on my hand and pressed it against the ground, I managed to let out a short cry of pain, and then he shouted at me ‘Say the Kalma!’ He wasn’t human at all ammi. He shouted again in his somewhat Arabic accent. I couldn’t even manage a word out of my mouth. Seconds felt like days. The terrorists were worst than monsters in human disguise. It was very painful. I was facing difficulty in breathing. I did not want to move because it increased my pain. My body started to go numb soon. All I wanted was your lap to rest my head on. I thought I was sick, and you would come over and carry me with you, give me some syrup and sing me a lullaby until I sleep. It was all I needed, one last time, I could hold you, I could kiss you on your forehead and your voice, I wanted to hear it call my name. Slowly, my vision got blurred, the pain increased, I tried to cry out loud, but couldn’t. I always wanted to be a doctor, if I had been one, maybe I could have cured myself, right Ammi? And then I coughed a mouthful of blood and that was it. Yes, I was in my school uniform in the morning and now I sleep in my little coffin.

Papa always told me that Dadi went to Allah Pak and Allah made her a star. I think he was right. I am a star high above that world, it’s so beautiful up here. It’s also very peaceful here unlike our country. And I have met many angels here. They are so beautiful. And we all kids are living in a grand palace where we play all day. We have been told to wait until the Day of Judgement, when that uncle who killed me will be thrown in Hell. And I will wait for you both, I will hold yours and Papa’s index fingers and we will go to Paradise together, Ammi. Everything is beautiful here. But I miss you both. Don’t grieve over my death, it was Allah’s plan. Keep your faith in Allah strong. He is indeed the best Judge. He will make the wrong-doers pay for their sins. In the end, dear mother, just convey my message to the world that we Muslims are not terrorists, if we had been terrorists, today I wouldn’t have died. We want peace. Our religion wants peace. I don’t want any more kids of my age to suffer the same fate as I did, nor their parents Please tell the world to achieve peace ‘together’. It’s the only way to make this world a better place to live. That’s all. I love you, Ammi.

I know it’s very hard but please be Patient.

Yours Lovingly,

Bilal Khan
Blood-Wallpapers-19 (darkwallz.blogspot.com)

Global Peace: An Endless Struggle

The very dark and gloomy night was about to be replaced by a bright, beautiful and a very hopeful morning. The black sky had almost changed it’s color to the series of glowing colors that is accompanied with every sunrise and sunset. The sea was calm, the green valley was quite, with cool winds of spring, which were blowing sedately on the lush-green terrain. The alluring tall pine trees stood on the calm landscape swinging smoothly to the mild winds. It was a moment of perfect inner peace. I still remember, to add on to this very charming morning , a white pigeon with a red rose in it’s beak came in view, floating through the beauty of this splendid day. It felt as if the pigeon was out on a journey to spread it’s message of peace, hope and courage across the world. Ah… a pigeon! The prime symbol for peace. I was in total admiration of this enduring morning. The gorgeous white pigeon glided over the proud pine trees and into the green scenery. It was gliding, gliding, gliding and………. BANG! Out of nowhere a bullet came and hit the pigeon!

It all begun there… fear, despair, darkness, hopelessness was soon scenting every possible corner of the world. The agonized world started sheltering beasts within itself, once a ‘heaven-on-earth’ was now exhibiting a portrait of exactly the opposite- ‘hell on earth.’

1850 David Roberts: The Siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans under the command of Titus (AD 70)

Today, the world is in complete chaos, every single continent, country, state, city and yet every individual is at war with someone. Our so called ‘peace-keeping’ authorities are constantly trying to achieve a balanced yet resilient peaceful world, or to be more real,  bluffing well enough. War will be endless because peace isn’t profitable. Well, to be very precise, every single individual around the globe is being used as a pawn, our minds are being manipulated to as to believe in what our ‘peace-keepers’ are doing, or at least saying. The fact is, they never want the war to end. As long as any country is getting Foreign Aid in the name of war, it is way too much profitable, isn’t it? The whole game of achieving peace is spinning around a basic rule ” Destroy peace  to achieve peace”. By now you must be thinking that I am some mad guy taking all this as a plot, similar to those in movies. Let me tell you one thing my friend, it’s a plot which no director has ever thought of , or let me put it this way, the worst nightmares of the human race have just begun…

Spare yourself some time and go ahead to look at the basic definition of ‘World peace’ on Google. I bet you shall be either laughing too hard or you’ll just end up doing protests against the Security councils in a random street. The definition stated for the topic of global peace says, “Global peace is an ideal world with lack of violence blah blah blah” and on and on it goes. Seriously? “Ideal”? To further enlighten yourself, go on and see the definition of ideal. Surprised? Exactly, Ideal(s) never exist because of the fact that it is so absolute.

Peace? Think twice...

Peace? Think twice…

According to an article published by the New York Times, over the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8% of recorded history. At times, the UNSC is quick to take actions, as long as they have , well, a personal gain in it. Ever wondered that if the UNSC has so much control over the ‘peace’ issues of the world, then why doesn’t immediate cease fire orders issue when there is mass killing in Syria, Iraq, Kashmir or Afghanistan? The very accurate conclusion of these peace-keeping organizations could be as simple as … bogus. Keeping in mind the 92% of recorded war in history , the world has lost almost 1 billion lives, at the hands of ‘war’. The very absurd part about UN is that, it urges every country in this globe to co-operate with each other , but UN itself is lacking a real good amount of co-operation skills. They are inadequate of the job. It is not that they need training to learn these topics, neither do they need another council to watch over them, it’ll just get things more complicated. The figures mentioned above are a testimony that the UN, which was established after world war II with the aim of establishing peace in the world, has started declining. This data does not show that the body of the security councils have failed completely, but it is to demonstrate that this well-structured organization is, at some region, limited and bounded.

As a matter of fact, the problems of this globe are increasing typically, with no relevant authority to handle the indiscretion in our systems. The system of this globe has started to deteriorate. Give a look at the difference between the Global Peace Index in 2008 and 2014, I’m sure you’ll figure out well enough and get an idea of where the world is headed. Getting contingent upon a security council to instill harmony in our world, is apparently not the right thing to do. The solution to this failing global classification is not by the methods of globalization, capitalism, cobdenism, theories like Democratic peace theory and even military strategies like ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ (I recommend you to give a good read to this topic).


The solution is simple, it’s easy. Just learn to understand. The world is a small place to live in. We are all brothers and sisters. Our borders, colors, religion and languages should not carve us. Humans are killing humans. What is the point in it? Is it just not possible that we achieve a peaceful world to live in, where everyone is equal,  where love is in the air, where we all start accepting every single inhabitant of this planet as our own kin? Give a look out of your window, today it seems peaceful but if the structure doesn’t undergo relevant adjustments, then I’m sorry to say, the possible tomorrow we see, will be tragic and pitiful. Our actions today will decide the world’s fate tomorrow. Get up, and start spreading peace, spread peace by your actions, by your words or least by your status and tweets. The world needs you. Join hands in hands, let’s protect the world by deploying our peaceful attitude, and let it stand at guard on the border of this planet. Let peace put an end to bullets and guns, let peace become our nationality, identity, cast and creed. Let peace define you, no matter where you are, when you are and what you are.

It all depends on you now. The question is elementary but substantial …. Can you change the world’s future today?

Gaza: The city which is being ‘Killed’



I decided to keep my mouth shut! I didn’t want to speak up, one of my friend was really angry on my post too, I didn’t understand the reason quite enough. Day after day, the Gaza terror started catching new heights, murders worsened , death tolls increased and my inner self cursed me. It cursed me for NOT being a human. I have to speak up. I WILL make a difference. Here’s what my friend posted on her facebook. It couldn’t agree more, the instant I read this post it made me realise how wrong I was…. (P.S I know it was for me):

“Nothing anybody does on social media makes a physical difference,but what matters is that you didn’t keep quiet when innocent people were killed. 
what matters is that one expresses themselves, and their sense of loss. 
You know why social media is so powerful? Because it gives common people like you and I a platform to express ourselves,a place where we cannot be ignored,where any cause that is supported is sure to get attention. 
And most importantly, let’s not go in front of God and say you didn’t speak up ‘because it wouldn’t make a difference’, because On The Last Day; it is our silence we will be guilty for.” ~Afifah Luqman
#InSolidartyWithGaza #PrayForGaza #GazaUnderAttack

To be frank, I don’t know much about the history of Gaza, I always was a bad history student. But I know what in going on today! I am very frustrated to see the present state of Gaza. Thousands of innocent people are getting killed for no reason at all! The world is quiet! Nobody wants to speak up! Where is the united nations? Where is the President who’s always the first one to speak up on the inhumanity in Israel? How does the West ,which apparently has the most successful leaders in the world (TOTAL CRAP!) , justify this mass killing? Is this how you do justice? Is this your way? Of course, I forgot! How can these people justify? You need to be a human to do so…..


How does this look? Huh? Nobody cares. Right? And why should you? Perhaps FIFA ’14 is more important. Go on cheer those bunch of 22 players who are running behind a football for a Cup which any millionaire can buy. At the end of the day, what do the viewers get? Money? Fame? Glory? Certificate? None of them at all. You just go there, sit, clap, cheer, cry and come back. Well, do you know what the other world is facing? People in the rest of the world cry because their favourite team lost a stupid football match while the people in Gaza cry because a 2-year old kid bled to death due to a bomb blast. There’s no point in having a judicial, political or even a ‘super-power country’ system where innocent people are getting killed.
You don’t need to be a Muslim to feel for them. At least start feeling… Be a human at least. What are you created for? Humans are killing humans. Is this life?  It could be you tomorrow. There’s a mother taking her 5- year old child in her lap, who is dead. What was his fault? Feel the mother’s pain. Don’t be so sick hearted. Get alive!

I believe that a time would soon come that the whole world will be in such tragic condition, everyone will be fleeing for their life. And no one would care about it, as today you don’t care. Stand up! Get your voice through. Who knows when your call may be heard by somebody in charge, and maybe that shall open his eyes…
And for those in Gaza, we know we can’t make a change so quickly, but we shall make a change. They will have to pay for the blood of your children. We will turn the tables in your side. Today, as I write, you are getting killed, but don’t fear. Because you have Paradise waiting for you in the hereafter, that shall ease your pain. Allah is watching. Remember that Allah is with you all. In the plain of Karbala,Shimar said to Hussain (R.A): “We will slaughter all of you!” Do you know what he replied? He (A.S) replied, ” You frighten me of death? Death is the means for me to meet my Lord, and yet you attempt to frighten me of death?” Indeed, lots of rewards are waiting for you over there. Let me tell you one more thing, We are with you, we shall make them payback! #InSolidarityWithGaza #BreaktheSilence #Behuman

Islamic Quotes About Patience (3)

Pakistan- An ‘Odd’ State of Affairs

The elderly women stood there, right beside the coffin which was placed there by an another elderly man who stood at the other end of the coffin, weeping silently. The people around were aghast to see the 25-year old’s body ripped in pieces. No doctor could even get together the body parts for a proper funeral. His one limb was missing too. Who was this? How did he die? The elderly woman was the mother of her only child. The elderly man was his father who couldn’t gather words to explain this day. The 25 year old was the only source of income for his aged parents, who went out saying to his mother, “Aj mjhe apki hath ki chai peene ka buht dil krrha hai. Ap banaye, main bs abhi aaya” He did come, but in white clothes, for the last time, to bid farewell to his Parents. His only mistake was that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was ‘simply‘ a bomb blast.
This was just an image of an house which got rather ‘unlucky‘? That’s what we generally say, right? It may seem terrible to be so harsh, but we are worst than this. What was his mistake? He didn’t belong to any terrorist organisation, nor was he a government ‘hot-shot’ who was targeted. He was a common citizen. Our nation did the tch-tch’s but then what? Nothing. Everybody got busy again. And then again there was another house and another and yet another. The government did promise some amount to compensate for the loss but ah, the dead is dead!

Wherever in the world, when a child is born, he/she brings with them a whole bunch of happiness, but in Pakistan, its different. A child, when born, brings with itself a constant fear, tension for the parents and what not (Surprised? Don’t be. Its Pakistan mate). The fear is complimentary with life here in Pakistan. Fear runs in every individual’s head. And do you know what that fear is? Fear of God? Fear of being held accountable on the Last day? None. Its the fear of the unknown. Every single one of us is scared of ‘don’t-know-what’. Life is at stake daily. You are a lucky chap if you reach your home without being…. KILLED!

Enough crying over the spilt milk? No there’s more to know. People are so tough that seeing somebody getting murdered is a daily business. Life-threatening accidents take place almost every hour, but what do we do? Just overtake. The nation has learnt to drive-by. They overtake every bitter reality they see without even looking at the back mirror at what they just ignored. People are ignorant. Its another image of The Hunger Games. Everybody be like ‘So what?!’ Like seriously? You don’t want to feel the pain of somebody who just lost a mother, a father, a child? What if you had been in their place? Pathetic. I may seem insane. Writing down the whole crap again and again. But it is essential! I’m terribly sorry to say that we no longer are humans… Every possible human quality is lost in us.  We are destroying the nation with our own hands. This is the truth nobody wants to accept.


When Karachi is attacked, all the ‘Karachites’ start speaking up but when Lahore faces the same problem, only Lahoris speak up. You see what’s wrong there? We are not united. We start debates on why Karachi is being targeted or why Lahore is under attack. But you know what? Those elements who are doing this are simply giving us a silent message that its not just one of your streets, cities or province. It is your whole country. Specific people? No its a whole nation. Then why blame Shias or Sunnis or Muhajirs? Don’t you see the whole image clearly? The fact is they know that we’re not standing together. A population of 179.2 Million is divided into apparently 10792 groups. It’s easier to break. right?
Sick, sick , sick. We’re all sick beyond the limits of cure. We have given up our only identity. Our nation is almost compromised, and our religion? Oh, did Islam ever exist in us?

The only solution to our endless problem is awareness. Get up from the sleep. See what’s going around. What were you created for and what are you doing today? Islam and its teaching is the only cure to our disease. Our Mosques are although built grandly but our hearts are empty, our Iman is lost. We have lost the quality of loving each other. We need to change ourselves today for a better tomorrow.

Start the change from within and start realising how wrong we are… And as far as I know, no religion in the world gives the teaching of riots, murders, barbarism, hatred and terrorism! We are being punished by our Creator. Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) is reported to have said, ” Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so.” (Ahmad) Wake up people, wake up! Just realise yourself. Don’t get so ignorant that it maybe too late to realise what happened. Stop blaming the governments. Its our own fault. The government knows that the people are so senseless that they have lost their self-respect. It’s the sole reason why the government keeps on imposing their dirty tricks on us. They know that we won’t retaliate. They are damn sure that they can oppress us as much as they like, play with our emotions, use our loved one’s as their pieces in a game where they exchange life for money. They’re gambling on us. See it! Show them that we are still awake, we still have enough sense to defend our sovereignty. Yes, we are born free and as a Pakistani we would never let our freedom be compromised! Pakistan is our only shelter. It’s our only home. We have to be the change. And this change must start from our own houses, from our own selves. We need to let aside our differences and get together, join hand in hands because United we live and divided we perish!

“Islam expects every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility, time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious path.” ~Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan Zindabad!

What’s Wrong with Pakistan?

It has been 65 long and harsh years since the inception of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. It was the calm evening of the 14th August in the year 1947. The day was very sacred when The Quaid laid the foundation of this very Islamic Territory, which apparently was the third nation in the history which gained its Independence on the basis of Islam, after Makkah and Madinah. The Islamic date was the 27th of Ramadan. Thousands of Muslims laid their lives for the Independence of this country. Countless innocent Muslims were killed after which this country established itself.

Where do we stand today? Do we really have an Identity? The question maybe bitter, but the truth is we do not have any answer to it. I have seen people hiding their Identity of being a “Proud” Pakistani a number of times in foreign countries. They rather prefer to be called Indians than identify themselves as a Pakistani to others. (No offence, but a bitter truth) Today we stand NOWHERE. Pakistan and its citizens don’t seem to have a future.
According to a recent record of Deaths per year,  5000 Pakistanis are dying every 6 months (2013 census) , that makes around almost 27 lives being claimed everyday. People are starving to death, terrorist activities, murders, riots and yes the new trend ‘Target Killing’. We have a reason to be worried. Our only shelter is being destroyed by our own hands, and yet we sit there watching the News, cracking jokes about it, sipping our hot beverages and sparking a real red-hot debate on Pakistan, blaming the politicians and the various political parties. Yet nothing changes…

What exactly is wrong with this Country? Were 65 years not enough to establish this nation. Yes, Pakistan is NOT established! I may sound ridiculous but yes this is the fact. Personally, I would never blame our politicians and our leaders for the present state of this country. After all, they are the one’s who were once the part of the very basic community and then we chose them to be our leaders. The fault is present in ME and YOU!
Ever thought of it? The possible fault in our own self? It’s simple. We have become ‘Self-centred’, we have taken Pakistan as granted. If we were the ones who had struggled for the establishment of this state, surely our attitudes would have been way different. A brief image of today’s Pakistan. We don’t even know and our immediate neighbour is starving to death, a person who faced a terrible accident is lying on the road hoping somebody would reach out to his help but the the people are so busy that they are overtaking him and sometimes even cursing him. Wow! This is the Islamic state The Quaid imagined. Forget religion, even Humanity is lost in us. We sit there, coolly, commenting on the decisions of the President, blaming the Dictators but we don’t want to make a difference. As a matter of fact, we don’t even care about the future of Pakistan. If I approach my friend and ask him to show up for a collection drive for the IDP’s of North Waziristan, his immediate reply turns out to be, “Hey! I’m not the patriotic-type guy.” To be frank, if you aren’t the ‘patriotic-type’ guy then why celebrate when Pakistan defeats India in a cricket tournament?!

We are sick. I don’t call up for a revolution. I call for a change, individual change. Revolution claims lives whereas change claims attitude. Allah says in The Noble Quran, “Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people unless there is a change of what is in themselves.” All we need is a simple change in our attitudes towards our nation, our fellow-men. We have given up our teachings of Quran and Islam. Daily we are heading to a drastic end, but we ignore the fact and continue to live our own life. Pakistan is being owned by us, each one of us is a leader of this nation in our own self. We need to believe in our selves. We can stop this nation from drowning. But TOGETHER! That is the only remedy to , what it looks like, our endless problems!

Think as a Nation! Let aside the differences. Forget the sectarianism we have created in our selves. No revolution is going to bring a change, only a change will bring the change!  Today, we are Punjabis, Balochis, Sindhi, Muhajir, Shia, Sunni and the endless list goes on and on. We are everything but we are not Muslims nor are we Pakistanis. Think about it. Don’t you feel sick? Don’t you want a peaceful place to live where there’s no barbarism, where you go out without the fear of being looted? Of course, we want it but we don’t want to make efforts for it. Right?What are we waiting for? An Angel to descend from the heavens and eradicate the evil in our society? The evil which now runs in our blood… Open your eyes, don’t be so iron-hearted that you ignore the feelings of a mother who cries over the dead body of her young son, of a father who buries his young daughter with his own hands. Do not wait for the moment to feel that yourself. Step forward, change the system by bringing the change in yourself! Today its them, tomorrow it might be you. And lastly….. Believe in yourself!


 “My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation” ~Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

                                                                    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!