Hello Mates!

I, Syed M Ammar, am a student residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Currently, I am hunting down universities for my engineering and side-by-side, bringing my passion to life. Turns out that my passion is speaking to the world through various platforms, be it internet, stages or even facebook statuses.

Since my childhood I always loved cars. Everything about it amazed me. But what I felt was that the ‘magic’ was missing. One day, I randomly , attended a public-speaking training course and *BAM* I found it out! Speaking was my Passion! Since that day I have started blogging.  This is, in fact, the (one of the) best ways to communicate to the people around and send them my message of peace and ‘change’. Yes, my goal is CHANGE! Nothing brings me more pleasure than bringing up something from nothing. So, I decided, that I should start bringing up the people of Pakistan from “Nothingness” to a position where they start believing in themselves. 65 Years is a long time, maybe I can get them to realise that its not to late to step forward and save their nation from drowning…

Wake up, open your eyes , step forward and…. SAVE THE WORLD!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes amaar u r 100% rite now its the time for all Pakistanis to not only shake their bodies,but souls too.terrorist and politician cross all their limits.time comes to give them moon tour jawab.

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