Global Peace: An Endless Struggle

The very dark and gloomy night was about to be replaced by a bright, beautiful and a very hopeful morning. The black sky had almost changed it’s color to the series of glowing colors that is accompanied with every sunrise and sunset. The sea was calm, the green valley was quite, with cool winds of spring, which were blowing sedately on the lush-green terrain. The alluring tall pine trees stood on the calm landscape swinging smoothly to the mild winds. It was a moment of perfect inner peace. I still remember, to add on to this very charming morning , a white pigeon with a red rose in it’s beak came in view, floating through the beauty of this splendid day. It felt as if the pigeon was out on a journey to spread it’s message of peace, hope and courage across the world. Ah… a pigeon! The prime symbol for peace. I was in total admiration of this enduring morning. The gorgeous white pigeon glided over the proud pine trees and into the green scenery. It was gliding, gliding, gliding and………. BANG! Out of nowhere a bullet came and hit the pigeon!

It all begun there… fear, despair, darkness, hopelessness was soon scenting every possible corner of the world. The agonized world started sheltering beasts within itself, once a ‘heaven-on-earth’ was now exhibiting a portrait of exactly the opposite- ‘hell on earth.’

1850 David Roberts: The Siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans under the command of Titus (AD 70)

Today, the world is in complete chaos, every single continent, country, state, city and yet every individual is at war with someone. Our so called ‘peace-keeping’ authorities are constantly trying to achieve a balanced yet resilient peaceful world, or to be more real,  bluffing well enough. War will be endless because peace isn’t profitable. Well, to be very precise, every single individual around the globe is being used as a pawn, our minds are being manipulated to as to believe in what our ‘peace-keepers’ are doing, or at least saying. The fact is, they never want the war to end. As long as any country is getting Foreign Aid in the name of war, it is way too much profitable, isn’t it? The whole game of achieving peace is spinning around a basic rule ” Destroy peace  to achieve peace”. By now you must be thinking that I am some mad guy taking all this as a plot, similar to those in movies. Let me tell you one thing my friend, it’s a plot which no director has ever thought of , or let me put it this way, the worst nightmares of the human race have just begun…

Spare yourself some time and go ahead to look at the basic definition of ‘World peace’ on Google. I bet you shall be either laughing too hard or you’ll just end up doing protests against the Security councils in a random street. The definition stated for the topic of global peace says, “Global peace is an ideal world with lack of violence blah blah blah” and on and on it goes. Seriously? “Ideal”? To further enlighten yourself, go on and see the definition of ideal. Surprised? Exactly, Ideal(s) never exist because of the fact that it is so absolute.

Peace? Think twice...

Peace? Think twice…

According to an article published by the New York Times, over the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for 268 of them, or just 8% of recorded history. At times, the UNSC is quick to take actions, as long as they have , well, a personal gain in it. Ever wondered that if the UNSC has so much control over the ‘peace’ issues of the world, then why doesn’t immediate cease fire orders issue when there is mass killing in Syria, Iraq, Kashmir or Afghanistan? The very accurate conclusion of these peace-keeping organizations could be as simple as … bogus. Keeping in mind the 92% of recorded war in history , the world has lost almost 1 billion lives, at the hands of ‘war’. The very absurd part about UN is that, it urges every country in this globe to co-operate with each other , but UN itself is lacking a real good amount of co-operation skills. They are inadequate of the job. It is not that they need training to learn these topics, neither do they need another council to watch over them, it’ll just get things more complicated. The figures mentioned above are a testimony that the UN, which was established after world war II with the aim of establishing peace in the world, has started declining. This data does not show that the body of the security councils have failed completely, but it is to demonstrate that this well-structured organization is, at some region, limited and bounded.

As a matter of fact, the problems of this globe are increasing typically, with no relevant authority to handle the indiscretion in our systems. The system of this globe has started to deteriorate. Give a look at the difference between the Global Peace Index in 2008 and 2014, I’m sure you’ll figure out well enough and get an idea of where the world is headed. Getting contingent upon a security council to instill harmony in our world, is apparently not the right thing to do. The solution to this failing global classification is not by the methods of globalization, capitalism, cobdenism, theories like Democratic peace theory and even military strategies like ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ (I recommend you to give a good read to this topic).


The solution is simple, it’s easy. Just learn to understand. The world is a small place to live in. We are all brothers and sisters. Our borders, colors, religion and languages should not carve us. Humans are killing humans. What is the point in it? Is it just not possible that we achieve a peaceful world to live in, where everyone is equal,  where love is in the air, where we all start accepting every single inhabitant of this planet as our own kin? Give a look out of your window, today it seems peaceful but if the structure doesn’t undergo relevant adjustments, then I’m sorry to say, the possible tomorrow we see, will be tragic and pitiful. Our actions today will decide the world’s fate tomorrow. Get up, and start spreading peace, spread peace by your actions, by your words or least by your status and tweets. The world needs you. Join hands in hands, let’s protect the world by deploying our peaceful attitude, and let it stand at guard on the border of this planet. Let peace put an end to bullets and guns, let peace become our nationality, identity, cast and creed. Let peace define you, no matter where you are, when you are and what you are.

It all depends on you now. The question is elementary but substantial …. Can you change the world’s future today?