Gaza: The city which is being ‘Killed’



I decided to keep my mouth shut! I didn’t want to speak up, one of my friend was really angry on my post too, I didn’t understand the reason quite enough. Day after day, the Gaza terror started catching new heights, murders worsened , death tolls increased and my inner self cursed me. It cursed me for NOT being a human. I have to speak up. I WILL make a difference. Here’s what my friend posted on her facebook. It couldn’t agree more, the instant I read this post it made me realise how wrong I was…. (P.S I know it was for me):

“Nothing anybody does on social media makes a physical difference,but what matters is that you didn’t keep quiet when innocent people were killed. 
what matters is that one expresses themselves, and their sense of loss. 
You know why social media is so powerful? Because it gives common people like you and I a platform to express ourselves,a place where we cannot be ignored,where any cause that is supported is sure to get attention. 
And most importantly, let’s not go in front of God and say you didn’t speak up ‘because it wouldn’t make a difference’, because On The Last Day; it is our silence we will be guilty for.” ~Afifah Luqman
#InSolidartyWithGaza #PrayForGaza #GazaUnderAttack

To be frank, I don’t know much about the history of Gaza, I always was a bad history student. But I know what in going on today! I am very frustrated to see the present state of Gaza. Thousands of innocent people are getting killed for no reason at all! The world is quiet! Nobody wants to speak up! Where is the united nations? Where is the President who’s always the first one to speak up on the inhumanity in Israel? How does the West ,which apparently has the most successful leaders in the world (TOTAL CRAP!) , justify this mass killing? Is this how you do justice? Is this your way? Of course, I forgot! How can these people justify? You need to be a human to do so…..


How does this look? Huh? Nobody cares. Right? And why should you? Perhaps FIFA ’14 is more important. Go on cheer those bunch of 22 players who are running behind a football for a Cup which any millionaire can buy. At the end of the day, what do the viewers get? Money? Fame? Glory? Certificate? None of them at all. You just go there, sit, clap, cheer, cry and come back. Well, do you know what the other world is facing? People in the rest of the world cry because their favourite team lost a stupid football match while the people in Gaza cry because a 2-year old kid bled to death due to a bomb blast. There’s no point in having a judicial, political or even a ‘super-power country’ system where innocent people are getting killed.
You don’t need to be a Muslim to feel for them. At least start feeling… Be a human at least. What are you created for? Humans are killing humans. Is this life?  It could be you tomorrow. There’s a mother taking her 5- year old child in her lap, who is dead. What was his fault? Feel the mother’s pain. Don’t be so sick hearted. Get alive!

I believe that a time would soon come that the whole world will be in such tragic condition, everyone will be fleeing for their life. And no one would care about it, as today you don’t care. Stand up! Get your voice through. Who knows when your call may be heard by somebody in charge, and maybe that shall open his eyes…
And for those in Gaza, we know we can’t make a change so quickly, but we shall make a change. They will have to pay for the blood of your children. We will turn the tables in your side. Today, as I write, you are getting killed, but don’t fear. Because you have Paradise waiting for you in the hereafter, that shall ease your pain. Allah is watching. Remember that Allah is with you all. In the plain of Karbala,Shimar said to Hussain (R.A): “We will slaughter all of you!” Do you know what he replied? He (A.S) replied, ” You frighten me of death? Death is the means for me to meet my Lord, and yet you attempt to frighten me of death?” Indeed, lots of rewards are waiting for you over there. Let me tell you one more thing, We are with you, we shall make them payback! #InSolidarityWithGaza #BreaktheSilence #Behuman

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2 thoughts on “Gaza: The city which is being ‘Killed’

  1. dude that’s really awesome 🙂 stand for them . . make every person realize where we are going . . ?? If we don’t then they will start taking us one by one . . pray for them . . Pak army is no where . . they are still busy to kill north waziristan people even they are human aswell . . but if they get free even then they not target a misselle to israel . . Eemaan (no where) . . they are afraid of death . . 😦

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