Gaza: The city which is being ‘Killed’



I decided to keep my mouth shut! I didn’t want to speak up, one of my friend was really angry on my post too, I didn’t understand the reason quite enough. Day after day, the Gaza terror started catching new heights, murders worsened , death tolls increased and my inner self cursed me. It cursed me for NOT being a human. I have to speak up. I WILL make a difference. Here’s what my friend posted on her facebook. It couldn’t agree more, the instant I read this post it made me realise how wrong I was…. (P.S I know it was for me):

“Nothing anybody does on social media makes a physical difference,but what matters is that you didn’t keep quiet when innocent people were killed. 
what matters is that one expresses themselves, and their sense of loss. 
You know why social media is so powerful? Because it gives common people like you and I a platform to express ourselves,a place where we cannot be ignored,where any cause that is supported is sure to get attention. 
And most importantly, let’s not go in front of God and say you didn’t speak up ‘because it wouldn’t make a difference’, because On The Last Day; it is our silence we will be guilty for.” ~Afifah Luqman
#InSolidartyWithGaza #PrayForGaza #GazaUnderAttack

To be frank, I don’t know much about the history of Gaza, I always was a bad history student. But I know what in going on today! I am very frustrated to see the present state of Gaza. Thousands of innocent people are getting killed for no reason at all! The world is quiet! Nobody wants to speak up! Where is the united nations? Where is the President who’s always the first one to speak up on the inhumanity in Israel? How does the West ,which apparently has the most successful leaders in the world (TOTAL CRAP!) , justify this mass killing? Is this how you do justice? Is this your way? Of course, I forgot! How can these people justify? You need to be a human to do so…..


How does this look? Huh? Nobody cares. Right? And why should you? Perhaps FIFA ’14 is more important. Go on cheer those bunch of 22 players who are running behind a football for a Cup which any millionaire can buy. At the end of the day, what do the viewers get? Money? Fame? Glory? Certificate? None of them at all. You just go there, sit, clap, cheer, cry and come back. Well, do you know what the other world is facing? People in the rest of the world cry because their favourite team lost a stupid football match while the people in Gaza cry because a 2-year old kid bled to death due to a bomb blast. There’s no point in having a judicial, political or even a ‘super-power country’ system where innocent people are getting killed.
You don’t need to be a Muslim to feel for them. At least start feeling… Be a human at least. What are you created for? Humans are killing humans. Is this life?  It could be you tomorrow. There’s a mother taking her 5- year old child in her lap, who is dead. What was his fault? Feel the mother’s pain. Don’t be so sick hearted. Get alive!

I believe that a time would soon come that the whole world will be in such tragic condition, everyone will be fleeing for their life. And no one would care about it, as today you don’t care. Stand up! Get your voice through. Who knows when your call may be heard by somebody in charge, and maybe that shall open his eyes…
And for those in Gaza, we know we can’t make a change so quickly, but we shall make a change. They will have to pay for the blood of your children. We will turn the tables in your side. Today, as I write, you are getting killed, but don’t fear. Because you have Paradise waiting for you in the hereafter, that shall ease your pain. Allah is watching. Remember that Allah is with you all. In the plain of Karbala,Shimar said to Hussain (R.A): “We will slaughter all of you!” Do you know what he replied? He (A.S) replied, ” You frighten me of death? Death is the means for me to meet my Lord, and yet you attempt to frighten me of death?” Indeed, lots of rewards are waiting for you over there. Let me tell you one more thing, We are with you, we shall make them payback! #InSolidarityWithGaza #BreaktheSilence #Behuman

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Pakistan- An ‘Odd’ State of Affairs

The elderly women stood there, right beside the coffin which was placed there by an another elderly man who stood at the other end of the coffin, weeping silently. The people around were aghast to see the 25-year old’s body ripped in pieces. No doctor could even get together the body parts for a proper funeral. His one limb was missing too. Who was this? How did he die? The elderly woman was the mother of her only child. The elderly man was his father who couldn’t gather words to explain this day. The 25 year old was the only source of income for his aged parents, who went out saying to his mother, “Aj mjhe apki hath ki chai peene ka buht dil krrha hai. Ap banaye, main bs abhi aaya” He did come, but in white clothes, for the last time, to bid farewell to his Parents. His only mistake was that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was ‘simply‘ a bomb blast.
This was just an image of an house which got rather ‘unlucky‘? That’s what we generally say, right? It may seem terrible to be so harsh, but we are worst than this. What was his mistake? He didn’t belong to any terrorist organisation, nor was he a government ‘hot-shot’ who was targeted. He was a common citizen. Our nation did the tch-tch’s but then what? Nothing. Everybody got busy again. And then again there was another house and another and yet another. The government did promise some amount to compensate for the loss but ah, the dead is dead!

Wherever in the world, when a child is born, he/she brings with them a whole bunch of happiness, but in Pakistan, its different. A child, when born, brings with itself a constant fear, tension for the parents and what not (Surprised? Don’t be. Its Pakistan mate). The fear is complimentary with life here in Pakistan. Fear runs in every individual’s head. And do you know what that fear is? Fear of God? Fear of being held accountable on the Last day? None. Its the fear of the unknown. Every single one of us is scared of ‘don’t-know-what’. Life is at stake daily. You are a lucky chap if you reach your home without being…. KILLED!

Enough crying over the spilt milk? No there’s more to know. People are so tough that seeing somebody getting murdered is a daily business. Life-threatening accidents take place almost every hour, but what do we do? Just overtake. The nation has learnt to drive-by. They overtake every bitter reality they see without even looking at the back mirror at what they just ignored. People are ignorant. Its another image of The Hunger Games. Everybody be like ‘So what?!’ Like seriously? You don’t want to feel the pain of somebody who just lost a mother, a father, a child? What if you had been in their place? Pathetic. I may seem insane. Writing down the whole crap again and again. But it is essential! I’m terribly sorry to say that we no longer are humans… Every possible human quality is lost in us.  We are destroying the nation with our own hands. This is the truth nobody wants to accept.


When Karachi is attacked, all the ‘Karachites’ start speaking up but when Lahore faces the same problem, only Lahoris speak up. You see what’s wrong there? We are not united. We start debates on why Karachi is being targeted or why Lahore is under attack. But you know what? Those elements who are doing this are simply giving us a silent message that its not just one of your streets, cities or province. It is your whole country. Specific people? No its a whole nation. Then why blame Shias or Sunnis or Muhajirs? Don’t you see the whole image clearly? The fact is they know that we’re not standing together. A population of 179.2 Million is divided into apparently 10792 groups. It’s easier to break. right?
Sick, sick , sick. We’re all sick beyond the limits of cure. We have given up our only identity. Our nation is almost compromised, and our religion? Oh, did Islam ever exist in us?

The only solution to our endless problem is awareness. Get up from the sleep. See what’s going around. What were you created for and what are you doing today? Islam and its teaching is the only cure to our disease. Our Mosques are although built grandly but our hearts are empty, our Iman is lost. We have lost the quality of loving each other. We need to change ourselves today for a better tomorrow.

Start the change from within and start realising how wrong we are… And as far as I know, no religion in the world gives the teaching of riots, murders, barbarism, hatred and terrorism! We are being punished by our Creator. Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H) is reported to have said, ” Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so.” (Ahmad) Wake up people, wake up! Just realise yourself. Don’t get so ignorant that it maybe too late to realise what happened. Stop blaming the governments. Its our own fault. The government knows that the people are so senseless that they have lost their self-respect. It’s the sole reason why the government keeps on imposing their dirty tricks on us. They know that we won’t retaliate. They are damn sure that they can oppress us as much as they like, play with our emotions, use our loved one’s as their pieces in a game where they exchange life for money. They’re gambling on us. See it! Show them that we are still awake, we still have enough sense to defend our sovereignty. Yes, we are born free and as a Pakistani we would never let our freedom be compromised! Pakistan is our only shelter. It’s our only home. We have to be the change. And this change must start from our own houses, from our own selves. We need to let aside our differences and get together, join hand in hands because United we live and divided we perish!

“Islam expects every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility, time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious path.” ~Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Pakistan Zindabad!

What’s Wrong with Pakistan?

It has been 65 long and harsh years since the inception of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. It was the calm evening of the 14th August in the year 1947. The day was very sacred when The Quaid laid the foundation of this very Islamic Territory, which apparently was the third nation in the history which gained its Independence on the basis of Islam, after Makkah and Madinah. The Islamic date was the 27th of Ramadan. Thousands of Muslims laid their lives for the Independence of this country. Countless innocent Muslims were killed after which this country established itself.

Where do we stand today? Do we really have an Identity? The question maybe bitter, but the truth is we do not have any answer to it. I have seen people hiding their Identity of being a “Proud” Pakistani a number of times in foreign countries. They rather prefer to be called Indians than identify themselves as a Pakistani to others. (No offence, but a bitter truth) Today we stand NOWHERE. Pakistan and its citizens don’t seem to have a future.
According to a recent record of Deaths per year,  5000 Pakistanis are dying every 6 months (2013 census) , that makes around almost 27 lives being claimed everyday. People are starving to death, terrorist activities, murders, riots and yes the new trend ‘Target Killing’. We have a reason to be worried. Our only shelter is being destroyed by our own hands, and yet we sit there watching the News, cracking jokes about it, sipping our hot beverages and sparking a real red-hot debate on Pakistan, blaming the politicians and the various political parties. Yet nothing changes…

What exactly is wrong with this Country? Were 65 years not enough to establish this nation. Yes, Pakistan is NOT established! I may sound ridiculous but yes this is the fact. Personally, I would never blame our politicians and our leaders for the present state of this country. After all, they are the one’s who were once the part of the very basic community and then we chose them to be our leaders. The fault is present in ME and YOU!
Ever thought of it? The possible fault in our own self? It’s simple. We have become ‘Self-centred’, we have taken Pakistan as granted. If we were the ones who had struggled for the establishment of this state, surely our attitudes would have been way different. A brief image of today’s Pakistan. We don’t even know and our immediate neighbour is starving to death, a person who faced a terrible accident is lying on the road hoping somebody would reach out to his help but the the people are so busy that they are overtaking him and sometimes even cursing him. Wow! This is the Islamic state The Quaid imagined. Forget religion, even Humanity is lost in us. We sit there, coolly, commenting on the decisions of the President, blaming the Dictators but we don’t want to make a difference. As a matter of fact, we don’t even care about the future of Pakistan. If I approach my friend and ask him to show up for a collection drive for the IDP’s of North Waziristan, his immediate reply turns out to be, “Hey! I’m not the patriotic-type guy.” To be frank, if you aren’t the ‘patriotic-type’ guy then why celebrate when Pakistan defeats India in a cricket tournament?!

We are sick. I don’t call up for a revolution. I call for a change, individual change. Revolution claims lives whereas change claims attitude. Allah says in The Noble Quran, “Verily! Allah will not change the condition of a people unless there is a change of what is in themselves.” All we need is a simple change in our attitudes towards our nation, our fellow-men. We have given up our teachings of Quran and Islam. Daily we are heading to a drastic end, but we ignore the fact and continue to live our own life. Pakistan is being owned by us, each one of us is a leader of this nation in our own self. We need to believe in our selves. We can stop this nation from drowning. But TOGETHER! That is the only remedy to , what it looks like, our endless problems!

Think as a Nation! Let aside the differences. Forget the sectarianism we have created in our selves. No revolution is going to bring a change, only a change will bring the change!  Today, we are Punjabis, Balochis, Sindhi, Muhajir, Shia, Sunni and the endless list goes on and on. We are everything but we are not Muslims nor are we Pakistanis. Think about it. Don’t you feel sick? Don’t you want a peaceful place to live where there’s no barbarism, where you go out without the fear of being looted? Of course, we want it but we don’t want to make efforts for it. Right?What are we waiting for? An Angel to descend from the heavens and eradicate the evil in our society? The evil which now runs in our blood… Open your eyes, don’t be so iron-hearted that you ignore the feelings of a mother who cries over the dead body of her young son, of a father who buries his young daughter with his own hands. Do not wait for the moment to feel that yourself. Step forward, change the system by bringing the change in yourself! Today its them, tomorrow it might be you. And lastly….. Believe in yourself!


 “My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation” ~Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

                                                                    PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!